Bloodhound Questions

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Bloodhound Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/29/2005
Our bloodhound scratches and has some scabby areas especially under his neck and under his hind quarters. We have been to the vet about this and they say it is a skin infection, but not serious enough for antibiotics. He likes to lay in the mulch under out deck. We give him Benydryl. Any other reasons for this or what to do about it?

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11/30/05 I wouldnt give him benydryl unless your vet tells you to. One of ours had a small place on her face that was some sort of skin infection. Our vet said to get some athletes foot cream and it worked very well and quickly. I got it at walmart and it must contain the ingredient miconazole. What you probally have is a fungus that has gotten on your dogs skin that has been growing in the mulch. Charles
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