Biewer Questions

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Biewer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/21/2005
My mom and sister are alergic to some dogs and we were looking at shih tzus and biewers. We thought they were so cute and we want tham really bad but the problem is we need to know if they are good for people like my mother and sister. so are they good with people who have allergies?

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6/17/10 Even though your question is dated 8/21/05 I will answer it for you. Biewers are single coated dogs, which means that they shed very very little. your allergies stemp from seasonal shedding of dogs who are double coated. It is not the fur that you are allergic to, it's the dander flakes from their skin which trigger an allergic reaction from you. I know this because I am allergic to most dogs--those with double coats. I have 5 Biewers and 2 yorkies in my home currently and I have absolutely NO allergy problems with them. Gayle
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