American Eskimo Dog Questions

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American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/11/2007
i have an american eskimo who sheds constantly. she has a healthy coat but....the amount of hair that falls out is driving me crazy. is there anything that can be done to prevent so much shedding? any recommendations? thanks!

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3/13/07 Regular brushing will help. What are you feeding her. Is she spayed? Did the breeder not tell you that you will always live with white hair? lol Tessa
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3/17/07 No such thing as excessive shedding with this breed! Like Tessa said, brushing it out helps to keep it at bay. You can also use an airforce dryer to help blow it out when she "blows" her coat. If you have an unaltered girl, she'll "blow" her coat twice a year with regular mild shedding in between. Best recommendation...keep a lint brush in every room of the house, one in the car and one at work! :-) Diane
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