American Eskimo Dog Questions

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American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/9/2006
This relates to a previous question a few years ago, but I have and Eskie and I may be relocating to Las Vegas from Colorado. I wanted to know if there is anything specific i should do for her besides trimming her up before we go.

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7/11/06 Just be sure she is always provided water indoors and out at all times to avoid dehydration. Mid day temps obviously get really high and heat stroke is a major concern for pet owners. You should never leave her outside for very long, and she should not be run or played rough with outside during the hottest hours of the day because that is what can lead to a heat stroke. I do not reccomend shaving her(incase you were considering it) as a dogs coat protects it from more then just cold weather, it also can work as its personal air condition and sunscreen! Kaleena
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