Alaskan Malamute Questions

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Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/15/2005
how is the dog in hot weather

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5/16/05 Believe it or not, malamutes can get used to hot weather. It is not easy and it can't be done overnight. And, whatever you do, DO NOT shave down your malamute. The coat actually acts as insulation from the heat. To keep your malamute happy, give him full access to fresh water and plenty of shade. On really really hot days, you may want to give him a banana in the morning. This will keep his electrolyte stores nice and balanced. My guys always enjoy the ice blocks in the wading pool and fans in the kennels. I will find my guys have dug their dens on the coolest side of the yard, and I will find them deep inside them when it gets REALLY hot. If you plan to have a malamute in Texas, California, Florida, etc. Be prepared for your dog to spend plenty of time in the house with you ... in the A/C. Or, if you have them outside, be prepared to install misters, so your malamute can keep himself cool. For more information, please check a great reference website: www.rea Thea
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10/29/05 they do great in the heat they need shade and lot and lots of water. i use 40 gallon tubs if my dogs get hot they take a dip in it and i live in texas where it goes over 100.but i also hose them down they love it Dawn
11/17/05 Malamutes do fine in the heat..Oklahoma Area here Just make sure tjey can get in the shade and have plenty of water.. I have a pen with a shade screen so mine does great..However Winter is when they become very active and OMG how they love the snow Scott
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