Alaskan Malamute Questions

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Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/28/2006
i,ve had different views on letting the alaskan malamute off the lead when out walking in the country or on public byways.some say never, some say always. i,m just asking for a all-round view,hoping the answer is, yes you can.

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6/28/06 As a general rule, unless on private property, I NEVER EVER let malamutes off leash. If they see a bunny, squirrel, bird, etc that looks like something good to chase and/or eat, they will be gone. They are hard to catch and will often take you on a wild goose chase before allowing you to catch them. Thea
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7/11/06 They can not be trusted off leash ever. THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED OFF LEASH EVER. They were bred to be stubborn. They were bred to go in one direction for 100s of miles. Their job was to lean into the harness and pull and run and pull and run. They have zero road sense. They have zero car sense. If you leave a Malamute loose in your neighborhood, your dog will go out in the neighborhood. He will overturn your neighbors' trash. He will chase down and kill neighborhood cats, chickens ect. He WILL get on the roads. and will get hit by a please do not leave your malamute run loose . always walk them on a leash. Dawn
4/27/07 I agree with Thea haveing mals for over 11 years now. Never chase if they do get off lead always something smart to do is keep food in your pockets dog cookies if you will. Many Mals in rescue got loose or dug out and traveled quite a ways. I also carry good food when I mush in case a dog gets loose from their gang line (and have had it happen), the word cookie cookie cookie works very well to get them to come back, better have something to provide when they do. Cindy
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