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Puppy 🐶 Views
    by Goldies Bull Terriers
Bull Terrier 1 Nov 21, 2017
Daily goingís on.
Bullie mornings early morning wake up call. Could be 4am or late at 6am. Ready to eat, potty and play.
German Shepherd puppies for sale with microchip!
    by South Florida Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog 1 Jul 31, 2017
What is a microchip and why is it so important that our puppies have one? A
What is a microchip and why is it so important that our puppies have one? A microchip is a unique identification code that is implanted between the shoulder blades of the dog/puppy. The dog is then enrolled with the AKC Reunited Recovery Program. AKC Reunited maintains a national database and is available 24-hours daily, 365 days a year. When a lost pet is found, it can be scanned at any animal shelter or by a veterinarian. The animalís identification number is called into AKC Reunited, and the pet owner is notified immediately. 305.904.9796
South Florida Shepherds is a Family Business
    by South Florida Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog 1 Jul 31, 2017
Intro about the German Shepherd Breeders South Florida Shepherds
South Florida Shepherds is a top notch German Shepherd Breeder with world class German Shepherd puppies for sale! Our family is breeding German Shepherd dogs and puppies since 1980 and in third generation. We are specialized in importing the West German show line , but also imported before some of the East German Working lines aka. DDR German Shepherd dogs. We show our dogs worldwide on events. For more information about us, or if you are interested in purchasing a German Shepherd puppy , please give us a call (305) 904 9796 , visit our website or check out our references on Facebook
Cane Corso Italiano Puppies (About Time Cane Corso)
    by About Time Cane Corso Italiano
Cane Corso 1 Feb 03, 2017
Christmas Litter Cane Corso Puppies!
Bold & Brilliant Red Fawn & Formentino (Blue Fawn) "Christmas Litter" Cane Corso puppies available for sale! Born on Christmas day, ready to go home February 20th. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FULL DETAILS! About Time is an established Cane Corso breeder, currently producing our fifth generation of healthy stable Cane Corso Italiano mastiffs with remarkable versatility, and temperaments second to none! We are an AKC recognized Breeder of Merit, and specialize in breeding a Cane Corso of Italian and European heritage that is highly trainable, easily motivated, naturally protective, and remarkably versatile; a stable, balanced, family friendly, all-around dog who can do it all. Every About Time Cane Corso is sold on a Contract, with a full written Health, Hip, and Temperament Guarantee. Puppies have crops available, tails docked, dewclaws removed, current on vaccinations & worming, and are microchipped prior to going home.
Our Bulldog Blog
    by Feather Oaks Bulldogs
Bulldog 1 Jan 26, 2017
Miss You Angel
It's been five years since you left us, Angel, and I still miss your face. Lymphoma came and took you too fast. You'll always be my little wrinkle baby!
A Desdia Nursery
    by Desdia Golden Retrievers
Golden Retriever 1 Mar 14, 2015
Feeding your new Baby!
The first few days are a transition time for your new baby. We suggest you continue to feed the same dry kibble they have been on since 4 weeks - Earthborn Holistics Puppy Vantage. Feed your puppy 1/2 - 3/4 of a cup, 3 times a day. We have been feeding the babies at our mealtimes - 6:30am, noon and 5pm. Its very important to not feed the last meal very late to insure there are no messes in the crate during the night! Puppies may be a little finicky when they go to their new homes. If they are, we suggest you soak the kibble in broth and mix in just a teaspoon of plain yogurt and maybe even a little chicken. We use Mountain High Full Fat Plain Organic Yogurt. You should also take the water bowl away at least an hour before bedtime to help prevent accidents in the crate as well! If your puppy's stools get loose - which can happen with the stress of leaving their mom and siblings - you can also mix in cooked oatmeal and a teaspoon of canned pumpkin. They LOVE it!! We will be sending you with a small blanket that has been in with the puppies and mom... so it has their smell. It helps them not be so sad at night..... but please know the first few nights are hard!! They are not used to being alone!! The size of the puppy's crate should only be big enough for the puppy to turn around in. Hopefully you were able to purchase a crate with a divider panel. If not you can make one... or borrow a smaller crate from a friend. Otherwise your baby may sleep on side of the crate and use the side as a bathroom!! The babies have been going from 11pm to 6am without any acidents in their crate!!!
The Captain's Labradors - MN
    by The Captain's Labradors
Labrador Retriever 1 Nov 16, 2014
Good Morning America! :-)
It's a crisp, cold day up here in northern Minnesota! We have snow on the ground, the sun is shining, and it's a great day to bundle up, take the pups out for a walk, and then come back in for hot chocolate! Loving Labradors! Denise and Rob The Captain's Labradors
Luna is looking for a show quality breeder home
    by The Dobieden
Doberman 1 Sep 20, 2013
Great doberman, ready to show her stuff!
3 year old black doberman female, full AKC, vWD clear, intact outstanding pedigree. Her sire is CH titled. Has had one litter of beautiful pups, and is a fantastic mother. Available mid to late October, $2000 to qualified breeder home. $400 returned with proof of spay should you decide to do so. Expect interview. Luna is weaning a beautiful litter of 8 pups and will be ready to find a show breeder, or pet home, mid to late October. Right in time for Halloween. She is AKC standard size with an outstanding pedigree, so we'd like to see her go to a quality breeder looking to expand their champion lineage with breeding. We will be working with Luna's breeder and previous owner, to make sure she is placed in an appropriate home, with no opportunity to be overbred, or bred to any white , white factor, or sub-quality stud.
Chocolates to Love! (AKC Labradors)
    by The Captain's Labradors
Labrador Retriever 1 Dec 27, 2010
We have chocolates available to loving homes!
LAB LOVERS! We have 1 boy and 1 girl available from Fiesta's litter (born 9/24) and 2 girls from Reba's litter (born 9/26). Pups are ADORABLE! Their daddy is our handsome Rigs. If you are interested in seeing more of these boys, email for more info and new phots!
See our latest special litter of Briard puppies at Mon Amie
    by Mon Amie Briards
Briard 1 Nov 15, 2010
Mon Amie Briards
Where Briards rein supreme. Home to healthy happy Briards to add companionship to your home.
Regalcourt Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
    by RegalCourt Cavaliers
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1 Jun 12, 2010
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies 3.5 weeks old!
This precious litter of babies are now 3.5 weeks old; and already we are seeing their personalities developing. Eyes are open wide, they are getting up on all four legs and moving about very well. Holly is doing such a fine job of nursing 7 babies. She is an excellent mom; with plenty of milk. However she is fed high quality food 3-4 times per day to keep up with the supply and demand. With this said; in a few more days I will begin introducing food to the babies and begin the weaning process. They are a beautiful litter and I still have puppies available. As each day passes they get cuter and cuddlier! Don't miss the opportunity to add one of these precious babies into your family. They will be ready to leave here anytime after July 14th! Email for updated photos and more info.
Snow..snow & more snow
    by Euphoria Tibetans
Tibetan Terrier 1 Feb 10, 2010

The dogs can't seem to get enough of all the snow we have been getting lately. From our 10 1/2 year old down to our 16 week old puppy.. these dogs definately know their roots. It brings a smile to my face every time I see them playing "tag" out there with the snow flying every where. In my next life i definately want to come back as a dog!
RinChen Tiibetan Terriers Blog
Tibetan Terrier 2 Jan 24, 2010
One special boy in need of the BEST home!
Our beautiful black boy with a white muzzle, chest & paws should be placed in a serious home where he can be loved and shown. He has excellent structure, temperament and is a delightful companion.