Storm Front Cane Corso Application
The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is a muscular, strong, athletic and protective breed. They make greet family pets when bred with the correct temperament. However these dogs are not for everyone or every family. Please answer a few questions so that we may learn a little more about you.
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* Do you have a fenced yard?
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* Will there be an adult with your puppy during the day?
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If you answered NO to the previous question, where will the puppy be kept while alone?
* Have you ever owned a Cane Corso before?
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* Have you ever owned a large breed dog before?
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* Do you currently own any other pets?
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If you answered YES to the previous questions, please list the pets you currently own and their age.
* Do you have any children in the home? if yes please list ages
* What types of activities does your family like to do in your free time that you would like to include your new puppy in?
* Do you intend to breed and show your new puppy?
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* Although we try to match the puppy to the family by temperament, do you prefer a male or female or have a color choice?
* What made you choose a Cane Corso for your new fur baby?
* Have you visited our website at
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* Do you know someone who owns a Storm Front Corso? If yes, who?
* How did you hear about Storm Front Cane Corso?
* Please provide your full name, address and phone number.
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