Bolonka Treasures Application
Thank you for your interest in this rare and wonderful breed. My goal is to place my bolonka in fantastic forever homes. These questions will help match you with a bolonka that meets your preferences, budget, and lifestyle.
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* Why do you want a bolonka? How did you learn about this breed? Are you familiar with the breed & their care? Have you ever met a bolonka? Describe please.

* Please tell me about yourself and the home you can offer one of my bolonka. (rent/own, yard?, how many hours a day will the puppy be at home alone, training philosophy, etc.)
* Do you have pets now or have you in the past? Describe please.
* Do you have children? If yes, tell me more. What are their ages.
* Does anyone in your household have allergies to pets? If yes, will you consult with an allergist before obtaining a pet? I can send you a hair sample to take to your doctor. Please describe.

* Small dogs can live up to 17 years. Many life changes can occur during this time. Job changes, moves, children. Are you prepared to commit to this pet for the duration of his/her natural life?
* Describe your preference. Include: age/gender/temperament/color/size.
* When do you plan to add a bolonka to your home?
* What are your ownership intentions? Companion pet only? Breed? show? train for agility? rally? or therapy dog?
* In order to protect my lines and the breed..I require that all companion pets be spayed/neutered. After proof of spay/neuter/microchip # you can request release of your pets pedigree information. Are you okay with this? If not, please explain.
* Base price is $2500. Some are less, some are more. Please let us know what price range you are in so we can spend time discussing the bolonka that best fits your budget.
Prior to adoption I require references. Either a vet, groomer, trainer, or another breeder. Please be prepared to provide that information should we both decide to proceed.
* What city/state are you located? If outside Phoenix Arizona; are you or a representative able to meet with me?
We are proud to have some of the best bolonka in the USA and love to show our furkids to others. We are not a petstore or kennel; we are regular people in a regular home located in the city. Therefore we do not keep "business" hours and are not open to the general public.
Visitation is limited to those individuals ready to adopt. Puppy visits can be scheduled only after puppy has received their initial vaccination and vet check.
If you have never met a bolonka. I am happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you and introduce you to the breed.

* From time to time I place older puppies, young adults, or retiring adults. They can be anywhere from 1-8 yrs of age. The cost for these dog ranges in price. Would you be interested in an older puppy or an adult? If yes, what is your age and gender preference?
What is the best day of the week and time of day to contact you by phone?
* May I contact you by text? If yes, what is the cell phone number.

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