Patronus Application
Please note that incomplete or falsified applications will not be accepted. Thoughtful answers are encouraged. Please be honest - it is my goal to properly match puppies with families and I rely upon your honest answers to do this. ** INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE DISCARDED WITHOUT RESPONSE **
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* What attracts you to the Miniature Bull Terrier breed? Why do you want to own a Miniature Bull Terrier?
* Please list all of the animals you currently own – species (dog, cat, bird, etc), breed, age, male/female, neutered/spayed, etc.
* Do you have any children under the age of 18 in your household? If so, please indicate each child’s age and experience with rowdy dogs.
* What plans do you have for your Mini Bull (conformation showing, pet, performance events, etc)?
* How soon are you hoping to add a Mini Bull to your family?
If you are purchasing a pet puppy, are you willing to spay or neuter the puppy before he/she turns 9 months old?
Yes llllllll No
* Do you have a swimming pool, pond, lake, river, or other body of water on your property? If so, is it fenced in such a way that your puppy will not have access to it unless under your direct supervision?
* Is your yard fenced? If so, please describe the type and height of fence (chain link, etc). If not, how do you plan to contain and exercise your puppy?
* Will the puppy be a primarily inside or outside dog? If inside, are you comfortable with crating the dog? If outside, are you planning to chain the dog out for more than 1 hour a day?
* Do you prefer a male of female puppy, or would you be equally happy with either?
* Do you have a color preference (white, brindle, red, etc), or are you willing to accept any color puppy with the proper temperament for your family?
* Have you ever been convicted of or pled no contest to charges of animal neglect, animal cruelty, or any other crime against any animal?
Yes llllllll No
* Please list your home's complete physical address - number, street, city, state, zip code. If outside the USA, include Country.
* Have you ever bred a litter of puppies in the past?
Yes llllllll No
If you have bred a litter of puppies in the past, please state breed(s), approximate year(s) that you bred, etc.
* Are you hoping to breed a litter of puppies in the future?
Yes llllllll No
If you are hoping to breed a litter of puppies in the future, briefly describe your plans/goals:
* If you purchase a puppy from us, do you agree to thoroughly read a provided puppy packet with important information pertaining to proper feeding, exercising, training, vaccination, and care of your new puppy?
Yes llllllll No
* If you purchase a puppy from us, do you agree to contact us promptly if you encounter an issue with that puppy that you need assistance with (behavior, health, feeding, etc)?
Yes llllllll No
* Any puppy purchased from Patronus must be returned to us if you encounter a situation where the pup would otherwise be surrendered to a shelter or rescue.

Do you agree to return the pup to us if such a situation arises in your life?

Yes llllllll No
* Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?
Yes llllllll No
BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION, please be aware that Patronus puppies cost between $3,000 and $3,500, plus shipping / travel expenses to get the pup from us to you. This fee includes registering the puppy to you with the AKC, microchip with chip registration in your name, BAER & PLL tests, age-appropriate vaccinations & dewormings, an extensive puppy packet, raising the puppy with Puppy Cultu

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