Australian Shepherds - Muddyfeet NH AKC/ASCA Application
We try to place every puppy with the right home. To do this, we feel we need more information on the prospective buyer, not only for the puppy's best interest also yours. We recommend you review our website as it does contain a lot of information on us, our dogs, placement and pricing policies. feel free to also just contact us.
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* Would this be your first Aussie?
* Please give us a brief summary of what you are seeking (puppy/adult show/performance) and describe your IDEAL dog.. your needs, wants for your next companion
* What time frame are you looking to get your next Aussie? Is there a specific litter/dog you are intrested in?
* Are you over 18? If NO -Do you have permission from an adult or guardian to get an dog?
* What area(s) of interest and activities do you plan to pursue and enjoy with your Aussie?
* Who are the other members in the household? children? ages? do you have a in home business or lots of visitors?
* Everyone in the home is in agreement with getting a dog? Please note we do not place dogs given as a (surprise) gift. We are willing to work with a you in a way to gift a dog to someone, however, they will need to be involved in the final selection and placement process.
Yes llllllll No
* Do you have someone (a backup plan) who will care for this dog if you should become incapacitated, temporarily or permanently?
Yes llllllll No
* Please describe you housing and lifestyle.. type own/rent Yard/fencing etc. how many hours a day will the dog be alone.
* Can you tell us a bit about the other pets in the home (if any)
* Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder, given a pet away, or given up a dog to a shelter or pound?
Yes llllllll No
* Are you willing to provide personal refrences of people that know or have known you and your dogs/pets?
Yes llllllll No
* Would you be able to provide a telephone number of your veterinarian (or one who has worked with you in the recent past) as a reference?

Yes llllllll No
* Are you willing to provide this dog a loving home, quality food, Veterinary care and continued training for the next 10+ years?
Yes llllllll No
* Are you willing to remain in contact with us for the dogs lifetime and give us updates?
Yes llllllll No
Do you have any questions for US about or website, placement policies, pricing, litters, dogs or general questions???

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