Mythic Labradors, LLC Reg. Application
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* Have you ever owned a Labrador Retriever before?
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* Do you own or rent your home?
* Do you have Children, If so what are their ages?
* Do you have a fenced in yard?
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* Are you able/willing to crate train your Labrador Retriever?
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* Are you able to feed your Labrador Retriever a high quality food throughout his/her entire life?
Yes llllllll No
* Do you have a gender preference (male or female)?
* Do you have a color preference?
* Where will your Labrador spend its days?

* Where will your Labrador spend its nights?

* Will you be willing to go to obedience classes if needed?

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* Do you plan on spay/neuter?

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* Are you willing to provide both personal and vet reference?
* Any other information about you, your family or other comments you may have for us in order to determine if a Mythic Lab is right for your family. Has everyone in the family agreed to adding a new puppy to your home?
* How did you find us/hear about us?
* Are you on a waiting list with another breeder/s? Have you visited other breeder's home? If so, how long ago? Safety of our animals/puppies are our #1 priority and due to numerous outbreaks of deadly diseases parvo/distemper at area shelters/even some breeders, we do not allow visitors until puppies have had their shots.
* Have you reviewed our information on our website and also viewed our upcoming litters/planned litter pages for a particular litter/s and you are aware of the clearances and pricing on our pups. Pricing on our puppies start at $2,700 with a $500 holding fee. If after completion and we feel that a Mythic Lab is right for you we will contact you and send you a contract. We look forward to speaking w
* Date Application Completed. Please email us to let us know you completed the application. Looking forward to speaking with you

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