Taja Siberians Application
We created this application because we put a great deal of thought, time and care into our puppies. A completed application is required for every buyer. While it is not our intent to be invasive, we want to ensure that every puppy goes to an educated and loving permanent home. Please give as much detail as you can when corresponding with us. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer.
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(Questions marked with an asterisk * are required)
* Address and type of home you live in such as condo, apt, house etc: Please list the actual full legal address as if I wanted to mail you a letter or visit your home. If you are not comfortable with giving out your full home address, please do not waste your time or mine by filling out the rest of the application. I am not the breeder for you.
* Do you own or rent and can you provide either proof of ownership or written permission from your landlord to own a dog? How long have you lived at this address?
* What other pets do you have and what are their ages? Are your other pets spayed or neutered? How long have you had them? Please give us as much detail about your other pets as possible.
* How many adults and children live in the home full time? Are there any individuals that stay in the home regularly but not full time? Are you expecting any new babies or children in your home in the next year or two?
* Do any of the adults or children who live in or stay at your home regularly have allergies to animals and if so what type of animals?
* Do you have a fenced yard or a kennel for the dog to run in? If yes please describe (for example, dimensions and what the fence is made of) How high is the fence? How much time per day will the dog spend outside in the yard or kennel on average?
* If you do not have a fenced yard or kennel, how do you plan to exercise your dog?
* Are you familiar with crate training and would you consider using a crate with your puppy?
* Which family member will bear the primary responsibility for caring for, feeding, exercising etc of the dog?
* Will your dog spend the majority of its time inside the home, outside the home, a combination of both, or somewhere else? Please explain.
* What is a typical week day like for your family? How many hours on average will the dog be alone during the day?
* Are the members of the household very active, somewhat active, somewhat passive, passive or couch potatos?
* What is the name, address and phone of your veterinary office/veterinarian? How long have you used this vet? May we contact your vet for a reference?
* Have you ever had to return a pet to a breeder or take one to a pound, shelter or rescue? Please explain why, if you have.
* What are some of the breed traits that you are aware of and willing to live with? How are you familiar with this breed, and why did you choose this breed?
* What kind of activities or dog sports do you plan to do with your dog, if any or will your dog just be a companion?
* Are you interested in breeding your dog and/or are you already an active dog breeder?
* If you currently breed or want to breed, what is the name of your kennel and what activities do you pursue with your dogs other than breeding? Please list a website if you have one.
* Are you willing to allow us to help you choose your new puppy based on compatibility with your family or are you looking for a specific thing, such as eye/coat color, gender, masking, etc
* Are you in your teens, twenties or 30 +? Are you in school or in the military? Are you a couple or single?
* Where will your puppy go when you are on vacation, or if you are hospitalized for a long illness or injury?
* Cute puppies become dogs overnight. Are you prepared to care for this dog for the next 10-15 years? Where do you see yourself in 7-10 years? Will there still be room for this dog as your life evolves and changes?
* We require our buyers to sign a contract before a notary public to reserve and purchase one of our puppies. The contract requires a spay/neuter for a pet puppy. In addition, we retain transfer rights for LIFE on our puppies. If you cannot keep the puppy for any reason, the puppy MUST come back to us, and we will re-home it. Are you willing to sign this agreement?
* We ask our buyers to have one eye CERF done between 12 and 24 months and to have the hips xrayed and OFA registered at 24-36 months old. Testing pet puppies is voluntary but encouraged. We will extend the length of time for the genetic health guarantee if these tests are done. Is this something you would be willing to do with our guidance?
* We recommend that all pups are taken to a puppy obedience class (or to some type of training and socialization event) Will you be able to meet this recommendation? If not,how do you plan to socialize your puppy with other dogs, children and adults?
* What would you consider to be the perfect dog? What kind of personality traits are you looking for?
* What kind of personality traits in a dog are you NOT willing to live with?
* What kind of food do you plan to feed your dog? Why is this your food of choice? Where do you usually buy this food?
* Where did you hear about us?
* What do you know about our kennel and/or our dogs and why do you want a Taja puppy?
If you are looking for a show,performance or breeding puppy, please describe your plans for the puppy and the venues you participate in.
If you are looking for a show or performance puppy, please describe your current experience with showing or the performance activity you want the puppy for. Where was your last entry and with what dog?
Congratulations. If you had the patience and determination to stick with us this far you may be the kind of person who can put up with a Siberian. Thank you for your interest in our dogs and puppies. We will be in contact with you soon. Feel free to use this space to ask questions or make comments.
By hitting submit, I understand i am not guaranteed a puppy. I understand and agree that this application and all of my answers will become part of my written contract if I am approved for a puppy. Purposely deceptive or dishonest answers will disqualify me and will be considered a breach of contract.

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