Morgun Brittany's Application
This application is for a Brittany Puppy. Brittany's are not for everyone and we like to make sure our puppies are going to a home that fits with their needs as well as the new familys. Please take the time to answer some questions that will help us know more about you and what you are looking for in a puppy.
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* Why are you interested in a Brittany?
Have you owned a Brittany before?

* Do you have other pets? If so what other pets do you own?
* Sex of dog you are interested in?
Color dog you are interested in?
How important is sex and color of puppy to you?
Are you flexable on sex and/or color?

* Do you plan on Showing dog, field trials,hunt tests, hunting or family companion?
* Do you live in a house, apartment or other? RENT OR OWN?
* Do you have a fenced yard?
Yes llllllll No
* What is the makeup of your family?
#children and ages?

* For what reasons would you give up a dog?
* How many dogs have you owned in the past 5 years?
* Where will the dog spend the day?
Where will the dog spend the night?
Do you have a kennel run?

* Would you be willing for us to visit your home(by appointment)?
* Please list personal reference with contact info.
* Are you over 18 years old? If not do you have your parents pemission and support in getting this dog?
* Tell us why you think your family would be the right home for a Brittany.

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