Mon Amie Briards Application
Please allow me to ask a few questions so that I may better understand your needs and make sure that this is the Breed you are truely desiring. I am very careful about placing my puppies or dogs in reaponsible homes, so this will allow me to get to know more about you and your family.
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* Have you owned or do you currently own a Briard?
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* Do you have other dogs currently?
* How would you describe your lifestyle?
* Are you familiar with what is required to properly raise and socialize a Briard puppy?
* Are you willing to participate in puppy classes, and or obedience classes for the first year?
* Are there children in the home?
Yes llllllll No
* Please give me more information about you and your family, your experience or lack of experience with this breed and anything else you feel would be useful or helpful for me to know.
Thank you for your interest and time in answering the questions and I look forward to hearing from you. Gina

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