DawnDee Papillons Application
This is an application to own a DawnDee Papillon I am very careful when placing my puppies in the right homes. So here are some helpful question so I am get to know you better, and to help you choose the right pup for you. Please do not apply for a dog unless you are going to respond to my emails or phone calls, I get a tremendous amount of applications and then I am ignored.
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DawnDee Papillons are a quality dogs and since we do not over breed,we only have 1 or 2 litters per year you may have a waiting period if we approve your contract. Please do not apply unless you are willing to wait for our pups. We do not take a direct deposit on pups until they are born and we can determine which pups we will keep for showing, as we are not all seeing and do not know what our w
* Are you Looking for a Papillon Adult or Puppy?
* What is your reason for choosing a Papillon ?
* Do you have a fenced yard for the dog to play and exercise in or will you be exercising your dog/pup on a leash?
* Do you Currently have a Veterinarian?
* Do you have a problem with me contacting your veterinarian? their name, and phone number?
* Do you have other pets? is so how many and what kind?
* Do You have children? is so what are their ages?
* Do you have a problem signing a comprehensive contract, that requires you to return the dog to me if you can't keep it?
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* May I or a representative of my Kennel come to your home to see where the pup will live?
Yes llllllll No
* Do you understand this dog can never be bred, either by accident or intentionally?
Yes llllllll No
* How will you arrange to pick up the pup, since I do not ship my puppies?
* Do You prefer a particular Sex or Color? if so what is your reasoning behind your choice? Do you realize that a male neutered before six months typically does not mark?
* Have you had other dogs in the past, what happened to them?
* What Town and state do you live in?

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