AfterAll Application
Application For An AfterAll Wire Fox Terrier: Our Wire puppies have been raised with much thought, care and attention. Our first priority is to find the home that best suits each puppy. We know that a good match between the puppy and a family means both will be happy. We do not mean to be intrusive but the application helps us learn more about your family's lifestyle and what puppy personality w
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* 1. First and last names and ages of all family members living full time or part time in your home.
* 2. List your complete address. Describe your home and neighborhood. (We like to have a “picture” of where our puppies will live. It doesn’t have to be a mansion, just a good place for a loving pet.)If you live in an apartment or rental property, are dogs allowed?
* 3. List phone numbers. Identify home, work and cell if applicable. We will not call you at work unless you request it.
* 4. List your email address
* 5. Names and ages of other animals you currently own.
* 6. Have you owned other dogs in the past? If so, what breeds were they and what happened to them?
* 7. What sex puppy are you looking for? If we do not have that sex available, would you be interested in one of the opposite sex? Keep in mind that families who are open to either sex have a better chance of getting a puppy. On the other hand, we recommend a Wire of the opposite sex if you already have a dog.
8. Are you aware that Wire Fox Terriers are seldom reliable when off leash in an unfenced area? Do you have a securely fenced yard? If not, what is your plan for exercising your dog and keeping it safe?
* 9. Who will be responsible for the puppy?
* 10, Do the adults in the family work? If so, in what professions and during what hours? How long do you estimate the puppy would be alone on a work day?
* 11. All our pet puppies are sold with limited AKC registration & on spay/neuter contracts. Do you have any problem with agreeing to spay or neuter your pet puppy? If so, why?
* 12. Where will the puppy stay during the day? Where will it sleep at night?
* 13. Are you familiar with "crate training" and how do you feel about crate training your puppy?
* 14. Describe your family’s interests and lifestyle. What kind of personality in a puppy do you think would best fit your family?
* 15. Why do you want a Wire Fox Terrier as opposed to another breed?
* 16. We are uncomfortable shipping young puppies so we choose not do so. We need to meet each prospective family so you would have to either drive or fly in to get your puppy. Puppies may be taken onboard a plane in a Sherpa bag which fits under the seat and is allowed on some airlines. Would you be able to either drive or fly to pick up a puppy?
17. Are you interested in training your new Wire? If so, what kind interests you most? (obedience, agility, tracking, therapy work, earth dog trials, other) ?
18. Include anything else you would like us to know about your family or situation. List any questions you would like us to answer.
* 19. We very occasionally have a retired show dog to place in a new home after it is spayed or neutered. These dogs generally have lovely manners, travel well, are crate trained and either already house broken or easily house broken. If one is available, would you be interested in one of these dogs?

* 20. How did you hear about us? Please be specific. If it was on the Internet, please mention the site where you found us.

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