Gourley's Brittanys - AKC Breeder Of Merit Application
We at Gourley's Brittanys, strive to place our puppies in responsible, educated homes and match puppies with prospective new owners. The followng questions will help us get to know more about you.
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* Have you had a Brittany before? If not, what other breeds have you had?
* Are you interested in a male or female or either?
* Are you interested in show prospect, hunting companion or pet?
* Do you have a fenced yard? If not, what method will you use to contain your puppy/dog?
* Will you enroll puppy in obedience classes? If not, explain.
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* Who will be responsible for care and training of puppy if you work outside of home?
* Are there particular qualities you are looking for,ex. markings, personality type?
* If you reside outside of Arizona, are you willing to pick up puppy or prefer to ship at your expense?
* Where do you plan to keep dog when not at home and/or at night?
* Do you have a timeframe in which you would like to get a Brittany? Please explain.
* Are you a single person or family? What acitivities do you paricipate in that will involve your Brittany?
* Will you spay or neuter your pet? If no, why not?
* Additional comments or questions.
* Explain why you want a Brittany as your chosen breed?
* What is your city and state of residence?

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