TTS Great Danes Application
STOP!! TTS Great Danes is not currently breeding. Please contact Bianca at Pegasus Great Danes or Talina at Vulpine Great Danes. The following questions are asked so that we may place the correct puppy in the best home.
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* How many hours will you be away on average during the day?
* Do you have any physical problems that may hamper your training and care of a large breed dog?
* It is our policy to place all pet puppies and rescues are placed with a spay/ neuter contract, by definition a pet or rescue placement is not a dog that should be bred.
Do you have any problems with a spay/neuter contract ?

The following questions are designed so that we can send you information about Great Dane training, feeding, and husbandry.
Would you like us to send you information on feeding and nutrition?
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* Are you aware that socialization and training will need to start from day one and that your Great Dane will be a puppy until he/she is 2+ years old?
* Are you aware of the health problems that run in the breed?
* Are you prepared for medical emergency?
* Would you like more information on spaying or neutering?
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* Would you like more information on AKC Conformation, agility or obedience events?
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* Would you like more information on crate training?
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* Do you have experience or interest in Conformation, Agility, Obedience or any other AKC event?
Would you like more information on Breeding great danes?
Please indicate any other information you would like us to send:
This application is the beginning process. You will receive an email response and if we do not have puppies you will be added to our email list. If we have a current litter or dogs available we will indicate in our email and we will need to hear from you that you are interested.
PLEASE if you do not receive an email response from us it is because our email went to your spam/junk folder. Ad to your address book and check to make sure emails are not in your trash.
Please send us a separate email letting us know you have filled our application.
Submitting this application does not guarantee you will be chosen to bring home one of our Great Danes
If you have questions about our dogs or how Danes will fit into your family, please feel free to email or call us at 281-687-9679 We answer all emails in a timely manor.

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