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Breed:   Neapolitan Mastiff   |   Member Since 8/3/2006
Location Nashville, TN
Contact N. Means
Phone 615-720-7507
Website Click to visit member's website
Email Click to email
Registration:    AKC   CKC   FCI We have puppies available for sale and young adult impressive male. 615-720-7507 AKC official TOP Breeder AWARD, AKC Breeder of Merit Award; Hip & Elbow record score in the breed! Please check with us on availability of puppies. We exhibit our mastini for the World Dog Shows, always bringing home the trophy; famous and prospective bloodlines, very selective, serious breeding program.

Please read all the information pages on our site. ~A few more AKC official TOP AWARDs for accomplishments.

MT Romina 18 months old
CH Samson -Best in Show winner
CM Platino 23 months old tawny
WC Sun at 2 years old
WC Sun at 18 months old
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